First Steps

When you receive your TravelSIM

Carefully punch out the SIM card from its plastic holder and insert it into your unlocked GSM mobile phone.
Turn on the phone.
If your phone prompts you to enter a PIN, enter the four-number PIN-code (the PIN-code is provided on the back of the TravelSIM cardholder).
Your phone will now have a new number that works in over 190 countries!
Try to place and receive a call and SMS.
If you are unable to make and receive calls, please make sure that you are using unlocked mobile phone.
Let your friends, family and business colleagues know your new international travel number.
You are now ready to start making and receiving calls at a fraction of your accustomed cost from all over the world.
TravelSIM is designed to work with all mobile phone handsets, very few mobile phone handsets will not work with TravelSIM at all.
SkyTel TravelSIM works with almost all handsets as expected however certain handsets may require a simple setting change to the SIM card setting (not handset) that can be made from the handset. This setting change is usually required for most Samsung, LG and HTC phones. It may also be required for some versions of the Apple iPhone. You only need to make the setting change once.
A small number of handsets or older style phones (5 years +) may require a different dialing method (an override code) when making calls with SkyTel TravelSIM.