Text, Text, Text!

There are three ways to send SMS.

Send FREE Online SMS to any TravelSIM

That's right - you can send a text message to a TravelSIM user for free. That's free to you AND free for the user to receive. Very Cool!
All you have to do is be registered TravelSIM site user and you can send unlimited number of SMS messages to any travelSIM card.

Click here to send SMS!

Send regular SMS from TravelSIM

Send messages directly from your phone as you normaly would.
Please note that cost per one SMS is 0.08 EUR within EU, or 0.35 EUR outside of EU.

Send SMS from Menu

You can also send messages from TravelSIM Menu.
Please note that cost of sending SMS from TravelSIM Menu is 0.09 € per message regardles of country you are sending SMS from or to.